Miami’s Best Kept Secret… – Miami, FL

Dr. Blinski is what I call a “best kept secret”. Why? Because while Miami has tons of plastic surgeons and famous offices that advertise like crazy, this doctor is not as flamboyant about advertising. I always knew that the good ones don’t need to brag so much! His work speaks for itself! I found him here on real self and read his reviews and saw his Instagram photos and at the consult it just felt right. Now I’m not gonna lie, sometimes he was a little snippy and moody, but don’t let that deter you. He’s an artist and a doctor and they tend to be that way. He’s a perfectionist and he’s good at what he does and that’s what you want. You’re not looking for a best friend you’re looking for results. So regardless of how he answers at least he answers and informs. Also his pricing is unbelievably fair and affordable! I can’t believe what some women pay from what I see on this website! His staff is so sweet and wonderful, Jackie, Esther, Melissa and the recovery nurse and or nurse (can’t recall their names sorry) and their board certified anesthesiologist! For the quality work and the wonderful staff and the unbeatable prices and the fact that it’s not a factory advertised to death, this quant little gem hidden near south Miami hospital is by far the absolute best place you can go for your new body goals! I would recommend him in an instant and would go back to him for more work at the drop of a hat! He did what I wanted and not what he wanted which I respect! He advised me and I took what I agreed with and left what I didn’t and he made me gorgeous in the end.

Mini Tummy Tuck and Smart Lipo – Miami, FL

Great doctor. His staff was also great from start to finish, in particular the recovery room nurse. Moreover, Dr. Blinsky made sure I had his number and could call him at any time.

Phenomenal Breast Reconstruction/Revision! My 4th Surgery and 3 Surgeons Later He is the Only One That Was Able to Fix It! – FL

He is honest and the best surgeon ever! He is clear about your expectations and just does fabulous work!!! His OR staff is awesome. I am so so happy I went to them!!!

Would Like a Little Extra in the Rear and I Want Hips! – Miami, FL

So I met with Dr. Blinsky and let me tell you what a sweet and funny doctor! I really felt at ease with him and his nurse was so sweet. I didn’t feel pressured into anything and was given an honest opinion of what I could expect if i chose to do the BBL . I am still deciding on whether to do the procedure or not but if I do, he will be the doctor I choose.

5 out of 5 stars Brazilian Butt Lift

Very Happy with Bbl Results – Miami, FL

Dr.Blinski and his staff are the best. I am so glad I went through with surgery. He has a lot of experience and knows exactly how to contour your body into its best shape. His staff is very friendly and supportive at all times both pre and post op. Since this was my first surgery I was a bit nervous. Melissa and Jaclyn were extremely helpful and answered all questions and doubts I had. Esther his surgical assistant was the sweetest and made the process easy to handle. His bedside nurse is very patient, caring and attentive to your needs immediately after surgery. I cannot recommend this doctor enough!

Booty for Tha Gods – Bay Area, CA

He is an amazing doctor and caring. He gets straight to the point , He don’t sugar coat anything. He was there for me and showed up when I was staying at a horrible recovery house. Lucky Amy my nurse saved me from that place. I would highly recommend him and Amy and Miami Escape to recover at. No wait times with him , he is very hands on and takes his time , his location and office is nice , clean. The staff is wonderful , and it right by the hospital so I felt even more safer. Glad I didn’t go to Spectrum.